Sustainability Policy

EVOO Quality Foods Sustainability Policy


EVOO Quality Foods strives to incorporate sustainability into its day-to-day operations and long-term goals with the following measures:


Warehouse Operations

  • $100,000 investment in Solar Panels covering the bulk of our electricity expenses.
  • Cardboard bulk recycling
  • Mixed recycling
  • Use of high-pressure water jets to wash vehicles efficiently with minimal water wastage.
  • Minimising paper wastage in the office with recycling, double sided printing and purchasing of recycled paper products.
  • Cleaners using eco-friendly cleaning products only.
  • Constant upgrading of our vehicle fleet to include newer and more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • All LED energy saving lighting throughout office and warehouse. Over 1000 square meters
  • Inductions for new staff completed online. Paperless process.


  • Reducing plastic packaging lines and shifting towards recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • Responding to customer demand to carry a comprehensive range of vegan products.
  • Procurement Electrical Power resources.

December 2023